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About our serviced office space

Mayfair Executive Office provides you complete serviced office space. Establishing and growing a business is a full-time job in itself – without having to worry about broadband contracts, buying furniture or deciding who’s going to cover the phones while you’re out.

When you take a serviced office space with Mayfair Executive Office, we take care of all this and more, leaving you to concentrate fully on your business. Mayfair also provides you with flexi desk solutions.

serviced office space Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Business

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide complete office solutions, giving you total peace of mind that every facet of your office is being handled and run professionally by us, allowing you to concentrate on what matters – running your business.

Numbers Speak For ItSelf!

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Why Choose Us

Businesses would not exist if they did not have customers because revenue is generated from the customers. Ultimately the customer justifies the existence of any business, service or company.

We not only understand that but we also believe strongly in it. Mayfair believe in customer care, excellent service, and value for money, listening and acting on customers issues. The customer is definitely not a number but a person we care about. Always here to help and easy to reach.

Our Mission

Offers a full range of serviced office space, executive offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, technology solutions, video-conference, telepresence and concierge services.

We do not follow standards, we set them. Strive to offer the highest level of service and insure that our clients can focus on their main business.

What We Do

Offices and services offer the best in office environment; we have thought every detail a modern and efficient range of infrastructure in terms of furniture, technology, finished materials and health safety.

Have also thought about the environment and superb administrative support services and high-end facilities to meet your every business needs. Provide dedicated business addresses to support all business sizes. In addition, offer mail and call handling services, office solutions, communications technology, and support services.